Indian in the Machine/Karen Kingston #quack #conspiracy #dunning-kruger

IITM: What is in that mystery needle, we’re still figuring it out. mRNA tech is a device… it is a technology.

Karen says:

-EMF can activate the electromagnetic nano-particles which are called the ‘spike protein’.

-We are exposed to these in air, food and injections.

-You can’t produce ‘spike proteins’ without electromagnetic fields.

-You need electromagnetic fields to split the DNA, to do the gene editing.

Then there’s this!

Manufacturers have to adhere to good manufacturing practices for DRUGS and DEVICES! CLASS 3 MEDICAL DEVICES!

Oh my godness!!

A lipid nanoparticle is defined as a device.

Major bombshell!!

When these devices are heated up by electromagnetic fields, they destroy the cells around them, which could be considered to be a killswitch!!



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