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What are we dealing with, with Trudeau?

A guy in a mask, yes, there is definitely mask qualities… but those eyes… those eyes, people of earth, they make me shudder… because they lack the feeling of Trudeau having a soul.


The rubber-like hand too, the canned response… the lack of real public engagement… he reads of his answers like a script… let’s add in the handlers.

Basically we could be looking at a real-life puppet.

According to the Phoenix Journals, there are two types of clones: robotoids and synthetics… both are made through different processes, and the clones have different properties.

I 100% believe Putin knows about the clones… the Russians have their own too.

Putin is not a clone, I believe he is a galactic walk-in, who replaced the original but corrupted young Putin. People account his face change to plastic surgery, but his head seemed to change, as did his attitude. Tell me, do people who get facelifts, also get head-change shifts, that also come with personality changes?

A clone gets no respect haha…

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What about the genetic modification of humanity? We don’t know how far it’s progressed, and if it’s including everyone or most now… on top of it… few are interested… and the children are going sterile…. all of western civilization is contaminated. We’re talking a major extinction underway, and the silence is absolutely astoundingly deafening.

I bring this not as ‘bad news’ but as good news… it’s good that I’m even sharing it with you from my heart.


Geez… if someone stolen a purse in the subway, there’s be a ruckus… but if someone steals the ENTIRE GENOME of EVERY LIVING BEING… there’s SILENCE.
The final battle of the light and dark are to turn humanity away from God… PERMANENTLY… and for the genetic modification of humanity, to turn everyone in to cyborgs… including Homo Christos!!


Another BIG PROBLEM for humanity, is that people do not go LOOKING FOR CHRIST… as if Christ is supposed to come to your door someday, only to be judged as not be worthy… by you of course… yes, the dead part of you judges Christ as being unworthy of your attention, focus, or support.
If me bringing up the extinction of humanity is perceived as BAD NEWS… then good buddies… I have to say… it’s actually GOOD NEWS… because I might be a saviour of any survivors… while, I’m being judged by…. maybe… YOU!!

For me it’s GOOD NEWS, that people realize they need to SNAP OUT OF THEIR DEAD ZONE… and be given the choice to be a human who helps… or a zombie standing by the wayside, looking for another brain to eat, or a cyborg frozen in it’s tracks because it had a system crash.

I love you, even if you do actually turn cyborg or zombie…

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Donald Trump And Jeffrey Epstein Friendship… What Is Really Going On??!!
<clearly altered pic of two together>
Secret triple or even quadruple agent Donald Trump was a chosen boy of sorts… think Richie Rich, but perhaps not as rich as Richie Rich.

Trump was always a super genius… although he still has to learn stuff like the rest of us, his gifts were evident from early on.

Trump’s relatives were basically part of a goodguy network… but also dealt with the ‘bad guys’.
So secret agent Trump… well, the secret upon secret, is that Trump’s Higher Self is St. Germain. Don’t believe it? Trump and St. Germain both share several qualities, most notably, their ability to create wealth, to lead the world… Germain in fact, was known to give council to royalty… he was the man that never died… a mystery genius who had great influence on the world.
You must comprehend this now… the war against Trump is a war against humanity..

Does Trump know he f’d up real bad with the vaccine engagement??

Pretty sure, yes.

Trump has to live with the fact, that he also is not perfect, and that he led many people to their death via his vaccine promotion. The US military too, was severely affected by the jab… the whole jab mess has put the US under a realization that they underwent a massive stealth chemical attack… some of them were likely jabbed with the things that create Homo Borg Genesis.
So now you can see the connection between Trump and Homo Borg Genesis.
Years ago when Trump and Epstein partied and dined in limos and at the finest New York has to offer… Trump knew he had evidence on Epstein… he passed it all on to his handlers, and now here we are today… a moment before the public is dumped with an avalanche of intel, where they will hear about human trafficking, cannibalism, vampires, zombies, monsters… and who is against humanity, itself, and God.

Val Thor of the Intergalactic Confederation via Janet Doerr #ufo #wingnut #conspiracy ournewearthnews.com

An agreement has been reached today between the Federation of Light and those who have enslaved Earth’s population.

The agreement deals with the return to the people of Earth of their freedom and sets in motion the removal and replacement of enslavement systems.

Universal Laws include Divine Justice.

Those who violated the sovereign rights of others will face the consequences of their actions according to Divine Law.

The consequences will be faced on the planet or off the planet.

Approximately 500,000 people will leave Earth as this transition takes place over a period of months.

On October 30th at midnight EST, a 10-14 day period with no communications systems will begin.

Internet, telephone and cell phone service will cease.

The purpose of cessation of communications is to allow for the orderly transition of many systems to new Quantum systems, including:

The new Quantum Financial system
The new Quantum Electoral system
The new Quantum Communication systems

Starting October 30th, during the transition period, the US (and some other countries) will be under martial law.
NESARA will be announced and explained.

Under NESARA, which has already been signed into US law, and upon its enactment, the US has 120 days to hold a new election, electing a president and vice president and all senators, representatives, and other elected federal offices.

The US midterm elections scheduled for November 7th will be cancelled/postponed until they can be held using the new Quantum electoral system and reflecting changes in the United States federal government.
During the month of October, there can be a number of events that the mainstream media may portray as dangerous or frightening.

Please rest assured that the Galactic Federation will not allow things like nuclear war to take place.

Warheads are easily inoperative, even if they have been fired.

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If Homo Sapien And Homo Borg Genesis Have Sex… What Are Some Repercussions??

Dear world,

Lets look at earth, from space… at the soul level.

You and I can see it… Homo Sapien and Homo Borg Genesis are mating.

Homo Sapien for the most part, does not know of Homo Borg Genesis.

Homo Borg Genesis, for the most part, thinks that it is still Homo Sapien.

Can a human become a cyborg from mating once, or over a long period of time, with a cyborg?

What would the offspring be… human? Mixed human cyborg? An artificial lifeform?

This really isn’t some cute little subject to devote 2 seconds and then done.

This subject actually affects everybody.

People are oozing liquid computer parts.

When Homo Borg Genesis mates, there may be computer parts, in their secretions, and even when they are not mating, but simply engaged in social situations.


The world they are building from the ashes of OUR CURRENT CIVILIZATIONS are to create communities suitable for Homo Borg Genesis. They want to bring civilization down, which includes going to war with Homo Sapien, in a secret war. They approve of anything that destroys humanity, and disapprove of anything that frees humanity. Their new futuristic dream world/communities/cities, are for Homo Borg Genesis, to be hooked up to the 6G+ grid. In their 6G grid vision… maybe they keep a few Homo Sapiens around for torture, blood… fun and games, and course, the human farms, for growing meat and harvesting hormones. In the year 2023, humanity has yet to consciously alter this timeline, while at the same time, recreating their world economies with massive investment in the new infrastructures needed to create it. So much of what humanity now does, is unwittingly turning a massive percentage of Homo Sapiens into Homo Borg Genesis. To remain human in the year 2023, is to be in a growing minority.

Homo Sapien is going extinct, and only those Homo Sapiens who transmute into Homo Christos will inherit the earth.

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I know many are anxious about these tests and what they mean.

We are told by galactics that these frequencies, can change:


The big question is this… if someone does NOTHING, will they lose a significant portion of their ability to ever be ‘themselves’, or live ‘from the soul’ or even, a connection with God.

You, me and humanity… we gotta stop:

Becoming androids
Getting wiped out
Getting swept away in the storms
Being at risk of technologies of which we may lack awareness or education
Tuning out God

And recognize…

Our unhealthy patterns keep us in slavery, which can go on for several lifetimes
We can make a commitment to powerful loving and wise energies.
We will become a higher frequency version of ourselves, if we want.
We can drop all old energies, but it requires of course, to stand up, connect with God and to get busy on our missions.
The deep profound beautiful side of life and ourselves.

“Creator… thanks for this amazingly bizarre earth sh*tshow that has tested me to the core, I still believe you and I can have the closest relationship and thus, if I’m hanging out with you, I am protected, because no one is going to be able to defeat you. Please protect me from all harmful technologies like the emergency broadcasting system, and please help us stop 5G too! PLEASE HELP NEUTRALIZE ALL HARMFUL TECHNOLOGY ALREADY INSIDE MY BODY! Please show me how to create heaven on earth, and to help me become more wise, power and loving… so be it!”

R'Kok via A.S. #ufo #magick #conspiracy ournewearthnews.com

This is R’Kok speaking. Indeed I am the, as you call it, reptilian who said during the Messages of Love that I murdered millions of people, came to deeply regret that, repented and eventually was allowed to join the galactic confederation.
I don’t think that most of the people I’m talking to will have caused millions of deaths, so if Source and the positive galactics can forgive me and give me a place in their midst, they can do the same for you.
The fifth thing I would like to tell you is that sometimes the people around you just suck. For a long time I thought there was something wrong with me, but looking back, in fact I was the psychologically healthiest person in my group. Yes I didn’t fit into society, but society was toxic – it was healthy that I didn’t fit in. And the people who did fit into this toxic society and who were successful, were far more psychologically unhealthy than I ever was. So: sometimes the problem is not you, sometimes the problem is the sick society you are a part of.
The people who I grew up with now consider me to be a traitor, and would attack me on sight if they saw me. Unfortunately, you can’t let yourself be held back by the people you grew up with, if you have outgrown them. Yes that is painful, but there is not really another way
Finally, eight: yes, women have been suppressed and kept down and brutalized for millennia. However, it wasn’t primarily Earth men who did that. It was primarily hostile ETs who did that, including my kind, whom you call reptilians. So please stop blaming men for the oppression that women faced — men are suffering too right now, just like women are. From a practical perspective, Earth humans as a whole may very well keep suffering so long as men blame women, women blame men, whites blame blacks, blacks blame whites, et cetera. It is quite possible that Earth humans will keep suffering until enough of you come together, you stop blaming each other, you stop bringing up past grievances.

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As the theory goes… Homo Sapien is splitting into two new species, and is going extinct.

1) 3D Homo Sapien evolves into Homo Christos.
2) 3D Homo Sapien dies off.
3) Some 3D Homo Sapien morph into Homo Borg Genesis.

Earth is being cleansed of all 3D energies… hence the extinction of Homo Sapien and the evolvement of Homo Christos… the new human who will reside on 5D earth.

The only thing is… earth can’t go to 5D as a base set of frequencies, without a good ol’ fashioned trip to the spa. In earth’s case… her trip to the spa is a pole shift.

If there is a pole shift, it would be mean lots of massive and likely unsuvivable on the surface of earth, earth changes would happen.

All sorts of humans are beginning to realize planetary evacuation is the only way to survive waves that would be 5 miles high, in the event of a pole shift.

So a pole shift event is a planetary evacuation event, they are the same thing.

Those who refuse the beam from the spaceships would likely die via some massive series of earth events, which would follow the pole shift.

As I said… Homo Sapien goes extinction… fortunately any one of us, even the nearly soulless, have an opportunity to morph into a Higher version of ourselves.

Even the Homo Borg Genesis, can reconnect with their souls.

Even a Homo Borg Genesis could morph into Homo Christos… but only with a strong God connection.

ALL of us need a stronger God connection right now, to guide us through the storm, to help us with solutions, to help us move into the highest version of ourselves.

This is ultimately what we are all here to do… usually this can be done in a more relaxed atmosphere, but humanity has chosen to either die because they are not ready for the higher frequencies, or people are raising their frequency and are in a 4D mutation phase… where they are a bit of 3D and 5D all intermingling together and sorting out… with 5D energies triumphant.

No one is without any solution, where they are soul/God merged.

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There ARE millions of ships now surrounding earth, and it has been this way for several years now. They are basically in ‘somewhat stealth’ mode, for they do reveal themselves, but they cannot openly appear and take us on spaceship rides, without our permission… especially as a species.

Negative beings are not allowed to arrive to earth any longer, so if someone is visiting, chances are near 100%, however, humanity must ask for all visitors to earth to identify themselves…. this is how we protect our planet.

I notice many countries do not do this… because it’s an invasion of borders right?

Invasions are part of the globalist agenda… they MUST destroy NATIONS in order to EXIST.

Without the destruction of nations, they fail… such is the thinking of the feeble minds of the globalists… who are basically weak people who are so weak in spirit that they need several billion people to die, for their bizarre plan to reset the entire world, and our DNA.

Now… here’s what we can do.



Yes, I do believe the elite are trying to turn us into Homo Borg Genesis.

Yes, I do believe humanity is dealing with an attack by which we cannot protect or survive, alone.

Soooo will humanity invite this great solution into our lives?

We could easily be partying on the spaceships instead of playing out this mutate the slaves game, that is going on full throttle.

Humans are just really only looking for new ways to die, with only a few who truly want to live.

The doorway to heaven remains open a crack, even still, as the zombies are set to rise and then, fall.

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Indian in the machine to Q++: Where would magnets be close to our brains? Of course, bluetooth headphones or even any headphones… do you feel they are mind-control or brain-control devices?

REPLY> YES INDEED, in fact medical systems (such as MRI) have been doing this for decades, the DOD/Pentagon has known this for fact since early 60’s as well as the CIA (who uses RF energy directed to the human brain for their MK Ultra mind-control project that started in late 40’s and on-going today secretly illegal.)

1.) CIA using RF Energy for Mind Control;

The <MK-Ultra> project attempted to produce a perfect truth drug for interrogating suspected Soviet spies during the Cold War, and to explore other possibilities of mind control. Subproject 54 was the Navy’s top-secret “Perfect Concussion” program, which was supposed to use sub-aural frequency blasts to erase memory; the program was never carried out.

2.) Medical field using RF Energy for mind control

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a treatment technique that uses a magnetic field to influence brain activity. It can treat depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and other brain-related conditions. It’s noninvasive and can help when other treatment approaches aren’t effective. The side effects are usually mild and temporary.

3.) DARPA using RF Energy for mind control;

DOD/DARPA/PENTAGON have been using mRNA and various CNT-GO circuit human interfaces that allows these super-soldiers to hear by directly stimulating the brain region with RF Energy pulses, in this way the enemy do not have a radio signal to lock into and the soldier is stealthily hidden!

IITM: I’m happy to share that I have only held bluetooth headphones to my ears once in my life… it’s corded headphones for me… so far so good… I’m not feeling mind or brain controlled.

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You… the living human… one of the survivors… you are expected to fit in the zombie narratives, or be destroyed.
The zombies don’t want to hear how they have almost destroyed the planet and the human race…. that’s ‘negative talk to them… imagine an insane bandit never admitting to do anything that it actually did and does, that harms and destroys everything in its path.

You… the living human… one of the survivors… you are expected to fit in the zombie narratives, or be destroyed. It is already written on paper and in law, many of their efforts to destroy anything that is natural.

THAT, my friends, is the zombie narrative in a nutshell: destroy anything that is natural and replace it with something unnatural.

The zombies… are all about the official narratives such as masks, tests, hand sanitizers… needles…. AND ANY UNNATURAL WAY TO DEAL WITH HEALTH… radiation therapy, for example.

The hand sanitizer for example… that helps to provide a regular introduction of transhuman ingredients… to assemble the operating system inside the new humans species HOMO BORG GENESIS… nano-sized bits and pieces that hook the borg up to 5G. Actually, this is what some of the ingredients of masks, tests, hand sanitizers and needles is actually for… but the zombies do NOT care… the zombie and HOMO BORG GENESIS, are close relatives.
The survivors of the human race will unfortunately have to live with zombies, clones, and constant attempts at their life via the food, air, water, soil and mind control… until the energies resolve.

The zombies/HOMO BORG GENESIS will have 3-5 years left to live.
The clones go poof in the fifth dimensional energies.

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IITM: What is in that mystery needle, we’re still figuring it out. mRNA tech is a device… it is a technology.

Karen says:

-EMF can activate the electromagnetic nano-particles which are called the ‘spike protein’.

-We are exposed to these in air, food and injections.

-You can’t produce ‘spike proteins’ without electromagnetic fields.

-You need electromagnetic fields to split the DNA, to do the gene editing.

Then there’s this!

Manufacturers have to adhere to good manufacturing practices for DRUGS and DEVICES! CLASS 3 MEDICAL DEVICES!

Oh my godness!!

A lipid nanoparticle is defined as a device.

Major bombshell!!

When these devices are heated up by electromagnetic fields, they destroy the cells around them, which could be considered to be a killswitch!!

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2. So many of us have gathered that the PCR Test is not testing for covid, and so we wonder, what is it really being used for? Ariyana Love says the PCR test is actually not a test at all!!
3. PCR technology (which is NOT a test) is a cloning device. PCR is polymerase chain reaction.

4. PCR technology is a molecular cloning device to engineer cells (which is different from other cloning technology which can clone organisms and make duplicate organisms).
15. The DNA from the microorganisms are used to clone humans at the molecular level.
16. Vector DNA is prepared in Ecoli.
17. Some PCR kits use toxid genes.
20. They delete certain genes within the normal human genome and then code the mRNA with whatever, and that includes luciferase, WHICH IS AN INSECT ENZYME/PROTEIN.
21. So using mRNA tech that includes luciferase to change the human genome they are turning humans into human insect hybrids!!
22. This is happening NOW and is the purpose of the PCR kit which is not a test.
23. All of the major ‘brands’ of PCR kits are cloning tech, many of them are MADE IN CHINA!!!
31. Another NIH study says they use worms as the carriers of the mRNA. The offspring of those infected with those worms can become MUTANTS!
32. They can create hermaphrodites by deleting a gene on the X-chromosome.
33. Worm-like micelles (hydrogel) can be used for drug delivery, which are found on PCR swabs, masks etc.
35. They are deleting God’s creation.

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Some interesting intel coming out of this interview, and Dr. Ana always has some incredible revelations to share. She has a success story to share with cleaning the blood using chelators, but ultimately suggests going with anything that works.

Ya know, it comes down to claiming your blood… who’s blood is in these bodies? Would you believe that human blood has basically been weaponized, but to what extent, remains unclear. We don’t even know if a new weapon the world has never seen before comes out net week or tomorrow!

They are getting desperate and will try anything with their means to keep control whether behind the dark curtain, or in the spotlight on stage… whatever it takes.

Sooo what is humanity being bombarded with… a short list:

-EMF rays

-aluminum, other metals, computer chip components, dried blood cells, barium and all sorts of things falling down from the sky.

-weaponized mosquitos and other insects

-magnetic meat

-soil war

-ocean war… you have heard there are chemtrails of the oceans?

-artificial lifeforms in the blood

-magnetic dust in everything

-toxic water supplies

-A hostile ongoing genetic takeover

Essentially those who deny this is all happening for the purposes of creating a new Homo Borg Genesis species, are likely to become one… let’s put it another way… people find being human to be boring, and want to go the cyborg route… these ones are destined to shorten their lifespan and it’s likely even, that Homo Borg Genesis is a sterile species, or can easily be programmed for sterility… hence the push for artificial birthing methods and practices… think: centralizing control for all births.

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Tom Hanks’ Mysterious Disappearance Likely Means The Following Update Is True!!

Tom Hanks’ mysterious disappearance from social media, or anywhere for that matter, has major significance. To date, Tom has yet to return, and perhaps never will. But what does this mean? Why was the celeb world so focused on Tom, and then at the same time, other celebs show up on pictures wearing ankle monitors… what does this mean? What does it all mean?

2. It means that the following is likely truth:

There is a covert plan to take down the illuminati pyramid, and all the players involved… it is a worldwide co-ordination of white hats, taking down the dark hats. Covid was their plan to usher in their new world order… it was their event that would cap the pyramid with a top down totalitarian control grid, and the rest of us would have no choice but to ‘obey’… make sense?

Lots of celebs only became celebs because they agreed to serve agenda… people over God.

They brainwashed society over several decades to choose their leadership over God.

They had unlimited funds to do so.

They distracted humanity, into a dreamstate, and then they went to town to build their secret control grid.

They drink blood and/or eat people.

They kill for fun and for a sense of power.

They put human meat into the food supply.

They dance in music videos.

They act and give each other awards.

They call each other, “the beautiful ones”, and we are the gullible sheep, because they are having fun, fooling the public with plans, that the public refuses to see… it gives them power.

Tom is likely Rockefeller.

Tom’s career was based his bloodline and his talent, and his willingness to indoctrinate the public with concepts that we woudl have trouble interpreting.

Tom became a bit of a leader in the hidden celeb circles.

Tom may no longer be alive.

There are reports of his death now.

I wonder if he did what George Bush Sr. did and tell them everything?

Indian in the Machine #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy ournewearthnews.com

We have some footage, of which it’s authenticity cannot be verified… but as you may know… the truth comes BEFORE the facts and is in fact DISCERNED WITH THE HEART, NOT THE MIND.

With that stated… I can’t help but FEEL that this footage best illustrates the beam of light that may come during the planetary evacuation, should that event come to pass… and its looking more likely.

I say this because you and I both know:

1. The earth changes continue to increase. VERIFIED BY SCIENCE.
2. The earth continues to wobble. VERIFIED BY SCIENCE.
3. The tectonic plates continue to be knocked around. VERIFIED BY SCIENCE.

I say this because I know and you may or may not know:

2. Sananda, Creator God Aton and others, continue to say that planetary evacuation is imminent.
3. Mother earth WANTS to cleanse her surface of all 3D.
4. Earth’s rotation is slowing down. VERIFIED BY SCIENCE.
5. Earth’s magnetic field is dissolving. VERIFIED BY SCIENCE.

You may not know:

1. Most humans are NOT vibrating at the harmonic of the universe 169443.
2.Humans need to vibrate at 169443 to harmonize with the planetary evacuation beam of light.
3. There may not be much time left, in this realm as we know it today.
For those who choose the beam of light… they will finish their upgrades on the spaceships, into higher expressions of themselves… some will return to earth when it is restored, and others will go throughout the universe, as teachers and ambassadors of earth.

This is what I have come to know, and I’m open to the story changing, but it’s not really likely.

I urge you to take break from the earthly DELUSIONS and make room for a REALITY CHECK… 3D EARTH IS ILLUSION, AND IF YOU CHOOSE TO REMAIN LOST IN IT, THEN SO IT SHALL BE.

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Zombie Alert Early 2022 Watch Movie “Cell” Now… It Is Probably A Documentary!! Theory: Zombies Created With 5G + Graphene Oxide (Vaxx Ingredient) + Cell Phone!! CONOP 8888 US Dept. Of Defense Strategic Command Zombie Defense Plan Exists!! Airlines Panicking Over 5G Rollout!!

Folks… this is important… there IS a zombie event coming… the military AND Pentagon already know!!

CONOP 8888

CONOP 8888 also known as Counter-Zombie Dominance is a U.S. Department of Defense Strategic Command CONOP document that describes a plan for defending against zombies. The April 30, 2011 document depicts fictional scenarios of zombie attacks for training students in military planning.

Now if that was all bad enough… the airlines are panicking over 5G (opening scene of “Cell” takes place in airport!! What do they know????

Equally important:

Look At The Freaky Live Blood Sample Of Vaxxed Under Microscope!! “The Thing” Is Definitely Alive, As Are Other Strange Unidentified Creatures Swimming Around In Blood Sample Of Vaxxed!! It’s Like An Ecosystem Humanity Has Never Seen Before!!


Covid Shots Turn Humanity Into Patentable Species!! Supreme Court Ruling, And It’s In The Patents!!
Zombie Invasion Begins Mid-January 2022… Along With Mass Sickness And Death Especially For The Jabbed!! Make The Omicron/Zombie/Disease X Connection Now And Then Head For…

Archangel Michael: Every day “The Great Day” approaches. Many people think that once again we are lying that nothing will happen.

Indian in the Machine #wingnut #conspiracy #ufo #crackpot ournewearthnews.com

Biden Clone President 2020 – The Clone Wars Channeling – Hillary Clinton Cloning Program Does Exist!!
Ivan Teller provides another insightful channeling/video on cloning… Joe Biden clone represents the coming out party for humanity, on the subject of cloning.
Is it true that leaders of the dark cabal are cloned… Hill ain’t the only one!

Some notes from the Ivan Teller channeling on the Hillary Clinton cloning program starting around 13:00 mark:
Yes cloning program exists

Clones not operating as they used to.

Clones keeping low key

Her soul not as powerful as it used to be

She has functioned in different cloned bodies

She enters different versions of her bodies

Different versions of Hill don’t always work out as well as others

Negative extraterrestrials tell her what to say (insectoid)

Does this make more sense now?

Indian in the Machine/FairWinds #crackpot #wingnut #magick ournewearthnews.com

Greatest Moment In All Of History Is This!!

the greatest moment in all of history of each and everyone of you to make your statement and to establish that contact with God which all who have gone before you have made, and thereby become the functioning instruments in that great service, the spiritual power and the healing and holding of the balance of nations and peoples.

Trump Plans To Return, But Mother Earth Is Ready To Graduate!! Humanity Reaching Extinction Level! Time of Trouble Approaching! Humanity Must Gold Activate!! Find Out How Gold Connects To Christ Consciousness! Great Invocation!! Great Prayer For Planet Earth!

Trump’s plan to return is soon, but on the other hand Mother Earth is ready to graduate, and she takes president over her future.

Mother earth and Indian collaborated on a song… have a listen. And remember our mother earth… who is holding back from releasing a great amount of energy… that WILL come, and likely soon.

Meanwhile… we say our prayers for a healed planet, to heal this!

Did you see the earthquake grid yet?

La Palma Earthquakes Occurring In Grid Pattern!! MegaTsunami International Mass Casualty Event Warning!! Someone Wants To Send Tsunami To Americas In-Your-Face Smoking Gun?!! Prime Creator Says 40% Chance They Can Set Off Tsunami!!
The greatest act of less resistance, is to have a beautiful day, everyday… even though… and it’s a big ‘though’…

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… Jessie Czebotar is in fine form in this video… Beyonce has taken position of High Priestess from Gloria Vanderbilt… Madonna is Grand Dame Priestess…

IITM: Why are these satanic decode updates so important? On the surface one might think, “wow, what a waste of time”… however, these same ones, may know how the world operates around them, and how a collective of secret societies have amalgamated together in their final “Great Reset” plan, to slowly strangle the life out of every innocent being, and all lifeforms on the planet, if you really want to know, AS DEMONSTRATED IN ‘GHOSTTOWN’ VIDEO AND EUROVISION CONCERT.

You do know there’s very likely graphene oxide already in our environment and we may be breathing in technologies that permanently enslave us.

Few dare to stop them.

You reading these words, have little support around you… and the zombies haven’t even risen yet… they have yet to turn the dial to ‘bake’ on the cell phone towers.

Now Madonna is likely on a 40th world celebration of death, bigger than Prince Charles coronation… and the masses are utterly clueless. It will not be a concert… it will be a black mass of death and sacrifice… and will feature of course her satanic snuff song, “Like A Prayer”… GUARANTEED!

Can we do something about it?

The darkside’s plans to turn humanity into a race of cyborgs is well underway…

Absolutely, we all have the potential to alter any timeline… but few humans dare to, know how to, or want to resonate with true inner power. If humanity can resonate collectively with INNER POWER… then we cease to be controllable…

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Truthers… for starters… you have literally saved a portion of your species from extinction, as humanity tinkers with technology of mass destruction and distraction… like monkeys in the china shop… you, so patiently and with great kindness continue to deliver the goods in the most gravest of circumstances that would destroy even some of heaven’s angels.

Truther, you have had to deal with threats… threats of violence… in extreme cases, death threats… you have been gang stalked by your own friends… you have created a forum for truth, and have had to deal with lower lifeforms always seeking to discredit you, and those who watch you with fiendish eyes… watching every move you make and hoping you stumble and fall, and yet for the most part you remain graceful and continue to provide your services.
People just assume that truthers can live on “likes”, compliments, and words of support… and at times, truthers have been extremely under financially supported… even moreso, by people who have the means to support them, but they are so used to the truther’s generosity that some of their ‘supporters’ take advantage of their giving nature… and it is true for years and even decades. Yet somehow truthers have managed by the help of God instead of their own friends, and held the torch of truth burning bright.
Yeah, your followers don’t owe you, the truthers, anything, but their support surely is appropriate.

The next time you have an opportunity to support a truther, don’t think of it as charity or an opportunity to be as cheap as possible, just because you are used to getting something from them for nothing, and afterall, old habits sometimes die hard don’t they?
Yeah, the truthers are more like Jesus and God than many could bare to conceive… let’s now finish our toast to the truthers… the christs… the godly humans… Christ… the spiritual hierarchy… God… the angelic realm… Prime Creator… Supreme Creator, and the light within All.

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What does that mean to me? It means we are riding an ever-increasing wave of light energy into higher frequencies… and the 100th monkey effect will definitely be achieved. Humans will begin to spontaneously awaken, ideas and inspirations will become ‘catchy’. People will ‘catch’ love, from one another. Illnesses will cease to exist, because a wave of health now smaller, will become much larger. People will see people’s love energy, and will be inspired. This will eventually be felt in the economy, which will no longer be based on war, and the human trafficking of children. To the unawakened, this will seem like a state of madness. To the awakened, they will create and eventually see the golden age unfold beyond their eyes, and all of it will because they never gave up on the idea that they are love, and as love, they are always home. Love, Indian
I believe in a big energy wave of healing is here now.

Breathe in deep and receive it.

Believe in your ability to get up, and be stronger than ever.

Note the moments by which you self-poison.

Be aware of all the toxins you expose yourself and others to.

Be aware of your attraction to poison, toxicity, harmful chemicals, and how your ego makes excuses.

Be aware of your attraction to pain and suffering.

Be aware of the heavy metals on the tip of your tongue.

Be aware of the excess heavy metals thickening the blood.

Be aware of how your tongue has gotten thick and heavy.

Be aware that you took in all those toxins, and didn’t think much of getting them out of your body.

Be aware that you have a great power, that you often give little credit to.

Be aware of what a magnificent Christed being you are, when you love your ego, but don’t let it rule you

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Okay this post should go far to settle once and for all, that Romana Didulo is not queen of Canada. She has to win the hearts and minds in order to become Queen, and she has not done that.

1. She’s not queen as of yet… she’s on a quest to become queen!

2. Romana Didulo is not in control of government. Some people are finding out the hard way, as they mistakenly thought her ‘royal decrees’ are legit, then realize they are not enforced, nor enforceable, as no one in any official capacity, recognizes them as such.

3. Romana Didulo should have stated right from the beginning, that she’s not queen, and that she’s only trying to be queen. This would have given her a fighting chance to win the hearts and minds of Canadians… but she didn’t choose to use honestly to do that. So they thought she’d win the hearts and minds through deception? Clearly a delusion… I mean, it’s worked before, but that strategy doesn’t work with an awakened populace.
Okay… so according to what David Carlson and the Peoples Quest For Truth News… Romana Didulo not queen.



Closing the Romana Didulo as queen of Canada timeline, now, with the assistance of the Company of Heaven, Prime Creator, and the hearts and minds of Canadians, that will know our true leadership when they treat us with kindness, openness, respect, wisdom, shared power and infinite love.

Canada has MAJOR PROBLEMS, still. But we know we cannot replace colonial communism, with dictatorial deception RIGHT?!!

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Queen Of Canada Posts Photo Of Directed Energy Weapon In Action!! Ashtar Direct From The Galactic Federation Of Light Admits D.E.W. Can Be Used To Kill People, Destroy Buildings And Vehicles, And Start Fires!!
Well… this is more proof the Queen of Canada is aligned with the Galactic Federation Of Light!! Folks this IS important… this is proof that the our new leadership is aligned with galactic forces… with GFL and Ashtar… we are talking about MILLIONS of spaceships with tech that is far superior to anything earthly humans have. The cavalry is here!!

1. Romana Didulo shares photo of D.E.W. (directed energy weapon) on Telegram.
ROMANA Didulo @romanadidulo ~ Head of State & Commander-in-Chief, Head of Government, Queen of Canada @romanadidulo
Direct Energy Weapon = D.E.W.
2. Ashtar delivers message directly from Galactic Federation Of Light, and mentions DEW weapons, and when he speaks of fires… that DOES include the FOREST FIRES.
3. The fires started in Canada also show proof they are started by D.E.W. weapons as they have similar strangeness as the California fires… houses burnt to nothing… trees left standing… fires burning so hot, that it melts car wheel alloy etc.

This has been regularly happening for a few years now… they started testing D.E.W. in Iraq… Terminator movies are the predictive programming.