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Remember that Blonde Germanic chads destroyed the med empire, & meds are still eternally seething about it today
>b-but we be fuckin yo wimminz n shieeeet

(Serbian Anon)

holy roman empire still lives on keep seething while i rape cunny

What does you raping your little sister have to do with this you slavoid animal?

(Swedish Anon)

but you aren't med you larping Moroccan shitskin subhuman

Where did i say i was med you swedetwink faggot

(Slovak Anon)

Then Slavchads came and destroyed all medcuck and nordcuck empires in the last 1500 years of history or so.

I know the flag of every country in Europe but not yours, sit yourself down please. How does it feel to be irrelevant, luka?

(Other Dutch Anon)

You’re poisoning the well you fucking kankermongool. Slovaks are more Aryan than your Semitic shitstirring

Go back, slavnigger



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