"I'm not racist, but..." Award

Vijay Prozak #racist anus.com

[From “The Internet”]

I do not hate Slavs. I do not hate Negroes. I do not hate Jews. I do not hate the Irish. I do not hate Italians. But, I am a realist. I know that Slavs are what's left of an ancient branch of Europeans who hybridized themselves with Mongols and Semites; I know that Negroes are an earlier evolutionary branch of humanity who are as a whole one standard deviation of intelligence away from Asians and whites. I know that Judaism is a religion of self-interest, condescendion and ego-drama, and that Jews are a cultureless people who for aeons have bred themselves to be soulless and parasitic. I recognize the fundamentally mixed racial nature of the Irish and most Scots, and many English, and all but a few Italians. I don't hate them, but I refuse to let my feelings blind me to reality.

I also don't hate women, but I recognize their limitations. Further, I don't hate men, but I'm aware of where they fall short as well. I'm even aware of where I fall short, and where I am in the system of things, which isn't as some God-figure above it all but somewhere closer to dead in the middle. I realize that not all of my friends are as smart as I am, and I realize there are smarter people than myself. I can care for someone, and be a friend to them, even if their abilities do not match my own. Or if their race doesn't. Yet I am a realist: I'd deport them in an instant, because that is the right cosmic order and should always be upheld.



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