The Rev. Steven Roland #fundie #homophobia

K-ON!… is an extremely wicked, abominable, and licentious Japanese animated television program, ...This series features examples of lust of the flesh, glorification of homosexuality, child abuse, and other wicked perversions.

…Sawako Yamanaka is their teacher and club supervisor... She is known for participating in a satanic dark metal band during her high school years, and also for behaving in extremely inappropriate ways. She has invited the girls to her place, where they shared the hot tub, and she grabbed one of the girls’ breasts thereby sexually assaulting one of her students. She has commented on the breasts of her students on other occasions, including one where she noted that Yui’s sister had breasts that were bigger than Yui’s.

Additionally, there are two different episodes in the series, one in each of the two seasons, that focus on the girls going to the beach. This results in an extremely inappropriate exchange in the first season, where they participate in various activities while in immodest swimwear and the camera focuses on a closeup of Mio’s breasts, thereby allowing the episode to appeal to the prurient interest... Another inappropriate moment was Yui being asked to be hit with money by Sawako in imitation of what happens in seedy adult entertainment facilities. An entire plot line also focuses on Mio’s undergarments, being alluded to several times where she “accidentally” revealed them to the entire general public during a performance; while only being alluded to in the television adaptation with a blue and white rice bowl, to match said undergarments, this is further exacerbated by the actual undergarments being seen in the print version of the series and also a short in the animated series being called “Mio’s Panties”…

Another prominent theme entirely inappropriate for minors is homosexuality. This mainly comes from the teacher, Sawako, inappropriately assaulting and molesting the girls, and comments made by and towards Tsumugi. She commented in one episode that she “prefers girl on girl action” in one translation and has made other comments towards her affinity for the same sex. Ritsu once asked her if she had a crush on Sawako where this topic and exchange came up. This normalization of homosexuality is extremely wicked and leads viewers towards developing a reprobate mind (Romans 1:28)…



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