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When the vibration gap is large, and our Heart is trying to resonate in unison with the planet, and step out with it into the new possibilities of the new reality, the Heart will start pulling up the part of us that is stuck below. And this is where it becomes unbearably painful.
Or I can perceive the Subtle Plane that’s changing. The waves of Light cut in too quickly, swiftly, instantly, unexpectedly.

I find it difficult to assemble the picture with my vision, it scatters, and I try to piece it together in an old-fashioned way. But I feel that I need to learn to look differently…

Space vibrates like a mirage in the movies. Or as in the summer, when there’s heat, we see the air shivering over the asphalt and the image blurs slightly.

I feel constant ringing in the ears. It’s been taken to a new level. It’s a different frequency, an octave higher. It becomes unbearable sometimes. I try to shift my attention so it doesn’t bother me.

The emotional state is unstable. Sharply respond to provocation. Tears, tears, tears… That’s good. Let’s cry for the road. It cleanses us!”

A lot of us try hard to adapt to 4D/5D reality and consciously deal with low vibrational emotions and thoughts. Not to think and expect the Light streams, the Event, or the Flash to do everything for us. They won’t.

We must begin to change to keep up with the Transition, so as not to get stuck in a 3D dumpster.

If we transform consciously, it will greatly speed up the process of alignment with high vibrations; reduce possible unpleasant situations; allow us to harmoniously accept new information from the Greater Cosmos, integrate it into our body, and unpack new Portals through DNA to the Subtle World, where completely different opportunities have long been waiting for us.



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