Ambrose Kane #racist

Once again, instead of just saying "NO!" to the invading 'migrants' and securing the borders with armed troops, the scared sheep among us talk about 'investing' in the Dark Continent and other schemes which will prove to be a colossal failure as they always do. You could give every African male in Africa a great job. At some point they’d still head to Europe to try to mate with White women. Better to invest in armies and border control. Nothing will stop mass immigration from Africa to Europe other than a pair of brass testicles for each man in charge of immigration enforcement in Europe. When they're unwilling to deport anybody, and unwilling to send refugee boats back to Libya (and then destroy the boats) Europeans will suffer the fate of any other group that refuses to defend their most vital interests - extinction.

Imagine going back in time, say 100 years ago, to any Western nation. Tell them that there will come a time when their cities are nonwhite, nonwhites taken important jobs, their kids are shamed for being white and white cops will arrest them for fighting back or speaking out against the invasion. They'd laugh and think you were crazy.

It's so true. But one doesn't even have to go back as far as 100 years. Just 50 or even 30 years ago, people would have laughed at you for making such claims.

Even Enoch Powell in 1968 got ridiculed by White Brits for his "Rivers of Blood" speech warning. They'd either say "it won't happen" or, even if they agreed nonwhites would take over, would say "Yeah, so what? Whites deserve it/we are all human beings, why does color matter?"

These laughing whites will learn that color does matter when the non whites come to kill them off.



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