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Marine le Pen's niece


President Mr T 's daughter


We most always use this great strength of our people - the beauty of our women and children. Our women are the most beautiful in the world - our enemies that dominate our media know this. But our side is so often just terrible about visual advertising/propaganda - they usually choose old and ugly, boring men who just talk, talk talk about, well nothing that really matters. Propaganda is both a science and an art. There are basic rules - other successful nationalist parties in places like Switzerland and Hungary produce very hard hitting, effective propaganda street posters. Here in the USA - almost never. The last political operative who was any good at visual propaganda was George Bush Sr.'s political handler Lee Atwater - Lee Atwater erased a 20 point poll deficit George Bush Sr. had to Massachusetts Governor Mike Dukakis by just telling the truth about Black murderer Willie Horton, whom Gov Dukakis gave an unsupervised weekend furlough and Willie Horton then did a home invasion and raped a White woman. When pressed by Lee Atwater why he would do such a stupid thing, Dukakis always insisted he did nothing wrong and he was against the death penalty and then tried to shift the subject to things like No Fault Auto Insurance.



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