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This is quite unlike what happened on January 6th, 2021 when a mostly peaceful group of protestors entered the Capitol Building to protest the fraudulent election of Joe Biden. Most protestors were allowed into the building and behaved with decorum. However, since then the protest was likened to an insurrection, though no one has been charged with that, most of those arrested have been charged with minor misdemeanors, with many pleading guilty and receiving little or no time, as any first offense of most Federal crimes carry little or no time in prison. However, there was some minor violence and some broken windows.

However, as the left likes to say, there is no death sentence for trespassing. One must recall though that there has been only one death of a rioter, looter, or protestor at the hands of police resisting riots since the George Floyd riots kicked off, that was Babbitt. And note that even when terrorists from Antifa were using firebombs, rocks, spears, pepper spray, and other deadly weapons against Federal, State, and local law enforcement, notably in Portland, Washington, DC, Seattle, Oakland, and other cities, not one has been shot. Why, because current riot control policy used throughout the nation does not allow for shooting looters and rioters, including policy from the DOJ!

Trayvon Martin was a deadly threat to George Zimmerman as he bashed Zimmerman’s head on a concrete slab. Ashli Babbitt was climbing through a window.



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