Tom Shackleford #racist #homophobia

[From "Plague Prevention"]

If you don’t want to contract a horrific disease, you ought to prioritize your personal hygiene. The trouble is that we live in a world of rapidly escalating biological threats where the old wisdom no longer applies. In the past, this was a simple as washing your hands after a day on the job[…]
Now that Monkeypox has descended upon America, your only option is to avoid contact with pestilence in the first place. This must be done in accordance with the science provided by trusted organizations such as the CDC. Along with men who have sex with men, this will help you to avoid needlessly stereotyping people of different races[…]
Due to all this racism back in 2018 a black male was 4.7x more likely to contract syphilis, 8.5x more likely to get gonorrhea and 6.8x more likely to be infected with chlamydia then his white privileged oppressors. For what purpose is the science withholding information how white oppressors are getting black people sick via their genitals? I have so many questions[…]
I’m awfully confused. The science is real obviously, but it implies in no uncertain terms that your chances of catching Monkeypox are drastically reduced by not having any physical contact with blacks. However, the science also says that this would be racist, and that racism is a crippling public health crisis. And yet, everybody is doing these racisms now because the science told them so, creating a seamless causal loop[…]
It makes the unavoidable implication that the STD crisis could be resolved if everyone stopped having physical contact with blacks, including other blacks. But that just leads us back to the initial public health crisis. If I’m repeating myself, sorry I’m just trying to articulate my bewilderment[…]



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