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Back in 2012 NASA was busy looking for 'X-Points' which are portals into other dimensions; these are at points where the Earth's Magnetic Field crosses the Sun's Magnetic Field. We do know that NASA was home to a number of occultists such as Jack Parsons, a follower of Crowley and member of the O.T.O. So we should not be surprised in what was going on back then, since there were no doubt still O.T.O Members within the organisation. I have covered the work of CERN on these 'portals' and no doubt this is a refinement of what was already been done with Dark Sorcery and Dark Ritual.

It seems clear now as to why there had been an acceleration of the Global Agenda, and as to why there have suddenly appeared WOKE individuals who are busy furthering this agenda. So far the agenda has not really touched religion to any extent, but this is a future part of the Global Agenda, and is no doubt connected to the appearance of the 'Messiah' who is 'prophesied' to a appear. This seems also to infer, that as predicted, the 'Dark Lord' himself would manifest on Earth.

This Dark Sorcery is done through psycho-sexual magic, mind-altering drugs, a degenerate and perverted outlook on life, and sometimes on blood-sacrifice as I have shown here. This does not need to be done openly, since any form of violence and war will suffice, as well as terrorist atrocities like the Twin-Towers, and cattle slaughter like the Foot & Mouth. There has hardly been a moment when some kind of violent disorder, revolt or war has not been going on for decades now. The Geoffrey Epstein affair with its centre around many well-known figures within The System should suffice to show what we are dealing with in regard to the perversion that is rife within the Establishment.



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