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RE: Trans "women" are still required to be registered for the US draft.

( WatcherattheGates )
So, in the end, the government actually does know sex is more important than gender.

( MiMi2013 )
Which makes me wonder exactly why DC is so eager to force trans "girls" aka BOYS into the spaces reserved for actual girls at our schools. It almost seems as if they know they're putting real girls at risk by playing these semantic games, and as if there's some secret, sinister motive behind it...

( Iceni )

If TIMs inconvenience women the United States government doesn't care. If TIMS inconvenience the United States government, the US government cares.

( Hollyhock )
There were a few wildly naive stories on the poor TiPs in Ukraine. One was told about a poor TiM who couldn't leave the country because he was a 6'2 20something male. How could he fight as 'a girl' ? I don't know, maybe use your upper body strength to help carry victims on stretchers to the hospital? Another was a story about a poor TiF who worried she'd be turned away at the border as she looked male. She wasn't, she was allowed to leave along with her mother, but guess being a man only matters when there's not a war raging.

Meanwhile, teen girls stayed behind to drive trucks and elderly women took training on how to shoot guns. I even read of a mother who brought her two small children to safety in another country where her sister was living, then returned back to fight alongside her husband.

( neonbandit )
These examples are just further proof that one still keeps their male/female privilege while they pretend to be the opposite sex.

The TiF wants to be perceived as male until it means putting her life on the line, then she is suddenly ok with being female. . . a card all the Ukranian men couldn't play, not even the TiM.

The TiM wants to self ID into that female privilege but when a country is under siege, they need all the man power they can get. They can't afford to play into someone's gender delusions. It would also create a massive loophole for deserters to claim trans to get out of fighting. A loophole similar to the get out of men's prison and cheat in women's sports that we have now. But only women are harmed by those loopholes so that's ok!



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