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( @Nature_and_Race )

spoilerI don't believe for a second that the "holocaust" actually
took place.
But even if it did, at this point I couldn't care less.
The alleged "survivors" have proven themselves to be the
most horribly manipulative, abusive, and literally evil
people on the planet. They've long ago ceased to deserve
any pity or sympathy.

( @GSauce111 )
@Nature_and_Race The part I find funny is that it was supposedly this horrible event that took place and White Americans came in and saved them from Hitler and the evil nawtzees.....yet they never ever praise America or the never hear them say anything pro-America; youd figure if someone saved you and your family from these monsters you would be the most grateful people ever.....but no, all they do is demonize White people on a daily basis....That makes me think it NEVER happened, but it most definitely should have....

( @maximus_the_wise )
@Nature_and_Race I'm going with... it didn't happen. There are so many holocaust survivors that one has to wonder what king of "death" camps were they that there are so many survivors?

( @sometimescanbefunny )
@Nature_and_Race If the holohoax happened, then the "survivors," if there were any decency to be found in them, would have ensured that the next 3, 4, or even 5 generations understood the magnitude of what happened and fought to keep their saviors on a pedestal among all other nations.

Even in this make-believe land, the kikes fall laughably flat. Even if it were to have happened, the only thing the West got for "saving them" was a snake the slithered in and choked out the nation.

Of course, we all know it didn't happen. There's no real evidence for it, and a Mount-Everest-sized pile of evidence that it didn't happen. Either way, the filthy rats are the most depraved and villainous people on the planet.

In short: It didn't happen, but they deserve(d) it, and it'll happen again. Their kike ways ensure this. It's a natural check on their disgusting mode of being, as inevitable as a natural law.



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