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All the posts that were ever done on this subject have been yanked from the internet, so I decided to use my talents in this field to resurrect them as best I could. The JFK Assassination was a PsyOp. JFK is alive and took on the character of Jimmy Carter. Jackie clearly pulls the string on an exploding blood pack that was affixed to his face and then climbs onto the trunk to retrieve a large chunk of the device so that no obvious pieces of evidence were left on scene.
know many will have difficulties with this one, but remember that there is no going back. we are the innocent. We are the manipulated. we are the victims. Disregard them all because they messed so flippantly with our emotions, our lives and the lives of our children.

But by hating we only hurt ourselves. best is to forgive, but not to forget. Never, ever forget.

Here the hoax is fleshed out completely and leaves absolutely no doubt. The J.F.K. ‘Murder Was a Staged/Hoaxed Event. This hoax was the prequel to the 9/11 hoax with most of the same players intricately involved.

We finally see the reason for all the added conspiracy junk. It is to disguise the fake heart of all these matters.

It is time now friends. it will continue for as long as we allow it.
choose freedom, if not for ourselves, then for our beautiful children.

I know there will be much resistance to this one, but it won’t make it any less true.

– ATS Above Top Secret



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