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SuicideFuel Strengthpill — English people are the strongest in the world


brutally over for pakis

Inbreeding fucks over a LOT of things.

Yeah different measuring methods probably. There’s no way South Korea is above Nigeria

Malnutrition plays a great role. Nigerians aren’t as well fed as Koreans.

Pakis weaker than curries? No way. Pakis are northern curries and are taller and stronger than most Indian curries.

Inbreeding mate. I was surprised too but then it checks out with reality. 60% of Pakistanis practice cousin marriage. And Pakistan is worse than India in terms of nutrition. I think with time, India might surpass Pakiland in terms of height. The average Sri Lankan is now taller than the average Paki in stature. Not much though, Pakis are 167cm and Sri Lankan men are 168cm.

Cope on Pakistani grip strength being reported as lower on average versus Indian grip strength tbh

Pakistan reports the lowest grip strength in nearly all studies, and is responsible for the abysmally low South Asian average which is already lower due to malnutrition + genetics. Pakistan has an inbreeding problem which it seriously needs to tackle. Inbreeding is just brutally retarded. Thank God I'm not inbred.

Didn't know the Chinese had a relative good grip strength. Obviously it won't be as high as places like Sweden or Poland that generate the record breaker in Strongmen contests but still quite high.

China is almost getting to first world tier. Chinese people aren't starving to death, so obviously they'll have better grip strength than most of the world. Grip strength is like 80% nutrition and 20% genetics. That 20% is what matters in strongman contests which is why Anglos and NW Europeans win those.



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