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The demonisation of incels is just "lol loser cant get laid" on a mass scale

I saw someone post some blackpilled statistic on a youtube comment and the first reply, with loads of upvotes was just "ok incel". Think about it, it's not actually discrediting ANYTHING written in the comment, it doesn't even address it, it basically just highlights it as a form of wrongthink ("this is what losers believe", "whoever wrote this can't get laid", "how dare you suggest women aren't wonderful").

You can see this with all forms of anti incel content - IT, articles written by SJWs about us, mainstream media shit. You will NEVER see them actually address the things we write about or the facts we present, it's always just ad hominem attacks on the authors, or when the author isn't available they'll write things like "just imagine what this guy looks like lol". It's pathetic.

Unfortunately I think this is a major reason why the blackpill will take ages to spread. Even when raw data is staring reddit cucks in the face (ironic considering they're usually so supposedly in favor of science, stats etc), they'll still deny it and shout INKWELL!!!!!!! There's no other explanation for not taking the blackpill, one look at a single Tinder experiment and anyone would be converted, but nope. The religious tier worship of foids will always win, it's literally similar to how religions in the past would just deny new scientific evidence for certain things and claim God works in ways we don't understand JFL.



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