Anders Behring Breivik #fundie

On November 20 the forensic psychiatrists Torgeir Husby and Synne Sørheim presented their report on me in which they claimed that I was and still am a paranoid schizophrenic and psychotic. According to them I have been psychotic since 2006 and possibly since 2002. The report was quality-assured before Christmas by the forensic psychiatric commission, which did not have any significant remarks.

I got access to the report in whole around December 12 and immediately started to review the 243 pages long document. I was to say the least horrified by what was presented as my own explanation, namely that which was presented as the content of the thirteen talks I had had with the psychiatrists (p. 84 to 203). As is known these alleged talks make up the main foundation of the diagnoses where they form the main assumptions for the conclusion.

The problem is just that 80% of the content in the 13 talks is direct fabrication. These presentations are not innocent misunderstandings but on the contrary malevolent lies designed in a very sophisticated and thought through manner with the goal of creating the premises which support the conclusion. It was not only Husby and Sørheim who learnt a great deal throughout our 13 talks. I also learnt a great deal about them, for example about what political ideology they advocate and what kind of view they have on humanity. Husby specified during several occasions that he thought that the actions I had carried out were bestial and I got the impression that he saw me as a beast that had to be caged and drugged, whatever the cost.

Has an event that traumatized a nation also caused trauma in Husby and Sørheim to the degree that they must be seen as legally incompetent? Can two forensic psychiatrists being so emotionally bound to 22/7 result in them being unable to remain objective?



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