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The latest census reports that America’s white population declined for the first time in history. Non-whites are replacing whites, but the Great Replacement is a “conspiracy theory” if white advocates mention it. To the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin it is “fabulous news.”

This would be hate speech if it were about anyone else. How would Miss Rubin feel about an emerging Palestinian majority in Israel?

Miss Rubin claims America’s future will be more “diverse” and “inclusive.” However, unless taking power from whites is the goal, what will be better? America has already moved beyond legal equality for non-whites, who enjoy affirmative-action privileges. However, blacks and Hispanics still can’t perform at the same level as whites and Asians. Ditching the false premise of “equality,” the new goal is “equity".

It’s impossible to know whether leftists believe that “white privilege” or another mysterious force is blocking “equity” despite countless laws, decades of effort, and trillions of dollars.

In Oregon, the governor recently ended a requirement for proficiency in reading, writing, and arithmetic to graduate from high school. A spokesman said this will benefit “Oregon’s black, Latino, Latina, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, and students of color,” who don’t do well on the test.

Asians can’t pass it? Note that Hispanics get three separate identifiers, while whites aren’t worth mentioning. Shouldn’t some non-whites resent the suggestion that they can’t be taught to read?

When egalitarians defeat “white supremacy,” they leave behind desolation. The peoples of Europe face the same opponents and tactics we do. If the West succumbs to “equity,” the struggles of countless centuries will be pointless.

We can’t afford to indulge egalitarian fantasies. The West’s back is to the wall. It’s not just a question of protecting our interests. It’s a question of survival. This degeneration has no endpoint but extinction. The decline will end only when we decide it does.



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