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[Theory] I think only truly romantic men become actual misogynists

Love and hate are truly two sides of the same coin. When you love someone, you'll hate them when they are cold, dismissive, uncaring, etc, towards you. When you don't love someone, you won't care when such stuff happens.

The typical promiscuous Chad is not a misogynist. He just honestly doesn't care about women. Women are a dime a dozen to him because he can fuck a virtually unlimited amount of attractive women just by flipping a phone out of his pocket and getting on Tinder/IG. He'll pump and dump a girl, dismiss her feelings for him, be like "lol dumb bitch" and forget about her the next second.

The typical romantic incel loves women, at least initially, before he go through all the shit he will go through inevitably in such circumstances. He just wants one girl to love him and give him a chance, but when he realizes that there are billions of women in the world and NOT ONE will ever truly love him, it's natural that all the love he has to give turns into hatred.

Look at people like Elliot Rodger. The guy was pretty much the ultimate romantic. "Oh but he was superficial". No shit, sherlock, romantic love is superficial, discriminatory love. You'll only love romantically a person who fits your sex, age, race, looks (at least minimally), etc, preferences. Still, realizing there's NO ONE out there for you is insanely brutal.

I think cucks are simply too weak to accept how insanely brutal this is and won't accept it, commonly choosing to double down on simping, being a male feminist, etc, instead. Cucks are psychologically weak.



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