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[On a post titled "Rivers, Rooted in the Aryan Blood Memory"]

Rivers acted as natural territorial boundaries to our ancestors and were often defended to the death. When I compare how jealously our ancestors defended their tribal lands from invading enemies I am forced to compare these valiant heroes with the traitors who govern sacred England today and instead of repelling those who break into our land with force they agonise over 'quotas' as to how many more of these unwanted flotsam and jetsam that they let in (to our cost). The Church of England by the way is one of the prime agitators for yet more unwanted immigration. This demonstrates that only an indigenous and racial religion, Wodenism can provide our people with the necessary Weltanschauung to fight against our genocide as a folc. A folk which is proud of its ancestry and identity would and should never permit such a state of affairs to continue.



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