Scott Lively #homophobia #conspiracy

He made the best of a bad situation by framing the fast-tracking as yet another example of his genuinely superior executive skills, while in reality ALL the globalist players wanted to neutralize the legal and ethical barriers to the world's first "universal" vaccine and its promise of vast profits. They only needed President Trump not to oppose them.

That forced surrender to Big Pharma was also sweet revenge against President Trump for his interference with their domestic price-gouging policies. (Here's the most recent example of their longstanding brazen greed.) If you recall, he heroically tried to force price cuts on numerous drugs such as insulin, and had some limited success. But Big Pharma not only won that battle, they made sure he would be punished for having defied them. The all smiles "vaccine" rollout was President Trump's punishment in the same way that being forced to nominate LGBT supremacist Anthony Kennedy to the Supreme Court was President Ronald Reagan's punishment for having tried to put Robert Bork there (a second Scalia who would have solidified a pro-family conservative majority).



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