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A Terrorist jew from the French ZOG Empire who colluded with the British ZOG & American ZOG Empires to take over Russia(and did just that come year 1917), then proceeded to commit mass murder (a holocaust) of White people on that side of Europe but eventually across all of Europe come the end of ww2-forward, gets a statue in America; But dare you go out in public with a Swastika flag or anything of the sort; Dare you say anything remotely pro-White, you’re treated like a criminal, poLice will even come harass you in many cases, you could be attacked/killed, or even lose your job, & etc.

This is called a Failed State.

Hopefully one day Lenin’s head can be removed from the statue and an accurate description can be added to it about how he was a ZOG World Government operative just like Trotsky & the other main figures we publicly know of (there’s bound to be many names we don’t even know about, since it was the three main ZOG Empires, America, Britain, & France, who were engaged in the International Terrorist action of overthrowing Russia), and how he was a holocauster of the White race.



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