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[Blackpill] why do women lack anything even remotely resembling a personality?

even more curiously, why do so many MEN pretend that their wives and girlfriends HAVE personalities?

it's not even taboo to point out this idea that women are "ghosts"

that would, afterall, imply you could successfully convince these men of this fact if you tried, because they'd know on some level that it's true

but you can't; normie men would think you're unhinged for even suggesting it, and it feels like a completely culturally unenforced psychological roadblock in terms of communicating meaningfully with them

sometimes i wonder if the defining characteristic of non-NTs is that we don't pretend to take women seriously as conscious, independent humans, and it's THIS, --that we never WANTED to take women seriously, starting when we were very young--that underlies all our social "problems" and many of our other misunderstandings in life

tldr: non-NTs, as children, see women for the ghosts they truly are, and normie society deems them "autistic" or "on the spectrum" because it mistakens women for normal humans with real personalities



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