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Where does morality lie?

Most stunningly, Obama now tries to lend moral weight to his law. He cites a large crew of politicians who knew no more about morality than he does. He asserts any modern person has “a right” to health care. Whether any doctor wants to give that care or not, whether anyone else wants to pay for it or not, he still says: everyone has “a right” to this service.

Rights don’t work that way. Rights come from God. They describe things no one may take away from you. What are they? Read the Ten Commandments, or at least those that bear on this problem:

No murder.
No adultery, and more broadly, no cheating.
No theft.
No lying to or about one another.
No coveting of that which belongs to someone else.

Thomas Jefferson recast the “inalienable rights” of human beings as “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” The Constitution rephrases that as “life, liberty and property.”

None of these documents say a word about a good or service to which any human being has a natural right. What right has one stranded at sea even to the food he eats?

Sadly, since Theodore Roosevelt became President, American politics has given itself more to kleptomania, covetousness, and now perjury, adultery (and even less natural twists on human relations), and in some contexts (like abortion on demand), murder. Obamacare teaches people to covet the services others have earned. It steals from some for the unearned, unpaid benefit of others. Like the devil bargaining with Faust, it forces insurance carriers to ignore adultery and fornication (of all kinds), though these present health hazards any honest doctor knows about. And above all, Obamacare passed after a campaign of lies.

Barack Obama lays a moral case for Obamacare? He does not know what he’s talking about.



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