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Despite the English people being misguided by the half jewish Prime Minister Winston Churchill and fighting the tragic Brothers' War against the German people at least the English between 1939-1945 had a genuine desire to resist what they (wrongly) considered to be the invader. Now that England really is being invaded due to the existence of the Channel Tunnel and membership of the European Union, instead of the English resisting the invader with force they instead send ships to rescue this human flotsam and jetsam from the Mediterranean Sea, helping southern Europe to be flooded by these invaders who gradually with the connivance of those governments gravitate towards England. Instead these ships should be used to push away immigrant vessels and if necessary to sink them. This would send a clear message out that they are not wanted in Europe!

One must question why and how supposedly 'genuine' asylum seekers from the African continent (who by and large are young, healthy single males) find their way to northern Europe in general and England in specific. They are drawn by the illusion of a comfortable existence paid for by English tax payers, placing further strains on the infrastructure of this country and making England gradually less English. This suits the agenda of the cosmopolitan parasites that dominate our media and institutions who seek nothing less than the disappearance of the Nordic race from the face of the earth. These influential and wealthy parasites and the native European traitors who do their bidding (like obedient dogs, wagging their tails) are gradually dismantling the England of our ancestors, an England which was bought and defended by Germanic Anglo-Saxon blood and where we will become like pockets of Red Indians living on reservations, obediently doing as we are told by are alien masters until we disappear for ever!

This invasion is being assisted by xtian clerics and churches.


Christianity is thus a poison if entered into the veins of a people. We must thoroughly and utterly reject its life-denying dogma if we are to survive as a people and as a race and return to the Gods of our fathers which for the Germanic peoples are the Aesir and Vanir, giving primacy to Woden



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