Steve #fundie

And here I was, thinking that compelling people to avoid torture and secure eternal bliss was a good thing. What the heck was I thinking? As for your claim that me saying homosexuality and killing babies are sin, that’s not out of hate. If you think it is, then you’ve read nothing I’ve said. Those are facts, and have nothing to do with hate. Sin is sin, and must be repented of. Sexual immorality and killing babies are sins in the eyes of God, even if they aren’t in yours. The Lord is the judge, so it doesn’t matter if you agree those things are sin or not. And do you think that perhaps if I preach against sin it’s because I hope for people to get saved, that it’s out of love, not hate, that I do so? Em, if I hated people as you think, I wouldn’t be here compelling people to get right with the Lord. I’d sit back in my recliner and say "Who cares. Let them all go to hell". I don’t exactly spend time on here for fun. Believe me, there are other things I’d rather be doing. But I’d also rather not see souls reject the Lord and end up in hell. Sounds to me more like love than hate, hon.



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