Various incels and Best Gore #psycho #sexist

(Submitter’s note: Best Gore is a shock site aggregating media depicting real extreme violence and gore, most infamously of Canadian psycho Luka Magnotta defiling the corpse of Jun Lin, a Chinese exchange student he had murdered. Going by the link url, the file in question is filed under “murder”. And no, I did not go there. Even my morbid curiosity has its limits.)

[NSFW] Ricecel makes noodlewhore bleed (not her period tho)

[“Woman Hacked on Street with Meat Cleaver Over Neighborhood Dispute” – Best Gore]

another classic from bestgore

Do you think she enjoyed it??

:feelskek: :feelskek: :feelskek: :feelskek: :feelskek: :feelskek: :feelskek: :feelskek: :feelskek: :feelskek: :feelskek: :feelskek:

Seems like the meat cleaver was a bit dull. Which was probably a good thing anyway:feelsthink:

The comments are absolutely based:

Mr. Wing was tired of the bitch making fun of his little Wang.

Pussy Pass denied bitch!!

He needs to work on his technique

That's the only way a ricecel will ever make a noodle bleed.



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