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[From "Putin Commits To Long Haul War"]

It became very obvious to us early on from looking at every angle of the situation and outbreak of WW3 for what it really was, and we saw imminent factors that the conflict in Ukraine would be dragged out as long as possible[…]
I believe at this point they have gotten people bored to tears with the conflict so as to keep the naive for the carnage and bankruptcy of the West of which this war and economic factors have played a massive role along with COVID Lockdowns

Ukraine[…]could be used even within this confined territory to finally drag the rest of Europe down, and America of course[…]
Putin is completely obedient like a dog to his Zionist masters, so he is performing a slow-burn of Ukraine insteiad of Conquering it

Make no mistake, slow wars are occupations. Conquering or reclaiming land is done quickly

One must understand what kind of Man Putin is, given his background and upbringing, and that he is a Man who has both vested interests in Russia but also cares to line his pockets[…]
Putin may be a smart Man but also not all that smart, as is often the case with Slavs. He is obeying his Jewish Masters like a good goy

He could very well deploy his more powerful weapons and take Ukraine overnight, but he does not because he is going along with the Israeli script

The Slav can never be trusted or relied upon when it comes to the Jewish Question, not only because many of them are even sometimes mixed with Jews, but that their desperation and behaviors have historically always relegated them to aggressively defending and protecting them. This is true not just in Russia, Ukraine or Poland, but even in partially Slavic countries like Albania, who protected the Jews and Albania became temporarily a hotbed of Jewry [refugees] in and after WWII

As such, the Jewish Question remains permanent a German problem and of which only Germans can offer a solution to it



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