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RE: Did any Blacks during Reconstruction support Segregation?

Did any blacks during Reconstruction support Segregation? I ask this because I read and heard James Eastland say that during Reconstruction that there were Black Politicians during that voted for Segregation poll taxes and separate but equal laws.

The thing most dumb white sheep seem to forget is, most southern states legislatures were filled with loyal black puppets and liberal white trash. Most returning Confederate Vets could not vote. All rights could have been restored to blacks during this reign of Terror. They were not. Why? During this reign, black legislatures voted to fill there pockets instead of helping there own race.

Blacks overwhelmingly wanted segregation, there own schools, communities and as the linked essay points out, the Negros began pulling out of white churches not long after Appomattox to build there own churches. They just wanted to do it with whitey's tax money. They wanted segregation because they wanted " black power" free from the guiding hand of wisdom they use to enjoy under the watchful eye of the white race. Just look at the results of that decision today. These once magnificent city's were turned into ghettos almost overnight. In short you can lead the Niggra race to water, but you can't make them drink.



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