Justice for Yellow Van! #wingnut #dunning-kruger youtube.com

I actually pictured the exact same thing, just not how the Histrionic, tantruming left is picturing it. Alucard is Trumpeters mocking the psychotic paranoid leftists. He could also be said leftists who don't care about SJW shit, but just wants to fuck shit up, are bored, and have a disturbing lack of empathy. Examples being Antifa and BLM, both being contradictory and hypocritical titles (show, don't tell). Integra is the majority of the world replying to said psychotics. And Millennium is the Alt-right, just taking the piss out of anyone who clutch their pearls, get their jimmies rustled, and are obsessed with thinking that Trump voters are Nazis and Klan members, regardless of no longer meaningful labels such as Republican or progressive Democrat.



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