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[From "Degeneracy And Degenerate Themes Among Female Musicians As An Increasing Trend/WHY WOMEN ARE DESPICABLE"]

I have been noticing these past few years, some of the horrifying Music which is being produced or otherwise re-arranged by many Female Musicians

I am not talking about “Modern Music” per se, the Degeneracy in the Modern Music is nothing new, and I understand it and where it stands

I am talking about Women behind Classical Music and other styles

And this is not about just American girls either, these are girls WORLDWIDE who are making some of the obnoxious Music and performing works of very respected Artists, and I’ve seen such girls who do this hailing from countries such as Lithuania, Georgia, and elsewhere

For one, these Female Artists seem to be obsessed with introducing Feminist and Political Messages in their Albums, and also cater to audiences which follow their Feminist and Political Values

A lot of these Musicians also seem to pursue “Jazz”, as Jazz is known as a Degenerate Music style, and they will try to introduce Children’s Music, Rock Music and other styles and incorporate it in the most haphazard, cringy and also distasteful way with the Jazz Music
I remember growing up listening to Female Musicians of all kinds, and even through the 90’s and maybe a bit into the 2000’s, I’ve never heard what kind of garbage is becoming a thing now around Women who play and sing Music
Women are becoming an increasing liability and danger around us, and despite what any Man’s opinion may be on a meatbag that is a pleasure to look at, that meatbag is destroying our civilization and the future of having future pretty meatbags to look at and have our way

It is the biggest error that Men of certain Nations, such as the English, Celts, Viking and Americans have done in the Liberation of Women, making them “equal” and giving them “rights”



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