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RE: Magickmaxxing is your last chance

Even if you dont get laid by it its a great cope and you can get good results with it and improve your life i will teach you in another posts how to get into deep trance and meditative state also i will teach informations that you cant find free anywhere i will teach you how to astralprojectmaxx

sounds like a quick way to invite a demon into your house.even something like a stupid ouija board is supposedly enough to invite a demon some times.

Yup i invited them into my life and my life is only improving im talking about high ranking kings not imps

you are absolutely crazy if you think a being who is fully focused on sin and sin alone,will want to help you as if they were not a thousand times worse then any human you have seen here on earth.

Conference on Exorcism - Fr Ripperger

magic bullshit is no joke.never fuck with that kind of stuff ever

They are misunderstood Abrahamic religions demoized them yes they are not fully nice but they are not mindless evils nothing is fully black or white

you have already fallen into their talk.wouldn't be surprised if you have already been possessed,but haven't realized it yet. they aren't misunderstood.christ has made it pretty clear that demons rejected him and that they are only after that which is are not the first one who was given just a tiny bit of happiness,money,sex etc etc by a demon only to be completely destroyed have taken the bait,and haven't realized it.

the devil & demons are a representation of different aspects of the divine
if not then why does God create them and allow them to exist?

you are very that logic god is both evil and good,left and right,tall and short,smart and dumb etc etc etc simply because he allows it to "exist". clearly that's impossible as anythingcan't be two opposites combined. demons are angels who have rejected god.they are literally in hell right now, and you think they are nice people?

without god we can't even exist.



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