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The reality of it is, the "vax" is NOT a vax in the true sense of the word, it's actually a depop/ human enslavement injection.
The world is now in the midst of the globalist NWO's eugenics program is mass genocide on a world wide scale.
If the poisonous cocktail doesn't kill you, it will give you health issues the rest of your life and "THEY" will control you.

They need everyone onboard and to be injected to bring us into their "great reset" so that we can be tracked and controlled through the 5G network and shut us down on a whim if and when they want to for whatever reason.

One major ingredient in the poisonous cocktail is Graphene Oxide which is a great conductor of electricity so you can be digitally tracked and controlled. It also contains parasites and nano particles of stainless steel that attaches itself to the lining of your arteries and act as spikes to disrupt the blood flow to influence clotting which could lead to your eventual death. "Booster" injections are needed to ensure its primary directive. Well I've got news for them....IT WON'T WORK!



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