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The evidence is all around us that we are living in the Kali Yuga, the Wolf Age, the Age of Iron. We are in the days that immediately precede the final cataclysm of Ragnarok when the forces of light and order must combat the forces of darkness, chaos and disorder.


I am in my mid 50s and if I look back over my life thus far I can see tremendous changes which have occured during that time and these changes are mostly for the worst. We are seeing rampant immigration, rising crime, the acceptance and legalisation of homosexual activities and now the shameful introduction of `gay marriage`, corruption in the highest offices of the land, financial collapse, constant warfare (mainly to achieve zionist ends) and the continuing devastation of the earth`s natural resources and wildlife. The man-centred creed which dominates the earth is responsible for its demise. Wildlife is `culled` to keep numbers in check (for selfish human reasons) and yet human beings are allowed to breed without restriction nor restraint, placing further strains upon the planet`s delicate eco systems. What is surely needed is a culling of mankind-and that is surely coming!



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