Forces International #conspiracy

If you like to smoke, drink or eat chocolate, just sit in your favourite chair, get out some of your favourite addiction stuff and read this paper, written in accessible language, yet highly documented.

Learn about the addiction myth - or should we say the addiction scam? Although the paper (click on full title, below) analyses mainly nicotine, the addiction "theory" is applicable to anything imaginable. There are very many definitions of addiction - all equally flawed and meaningless, for addiction simply does not exist: public health is trying to reduce gluttony to figures and percentages, thus arrogantly attempting to reduce human beings to quantum entities. This pathetic attempt may serve the agendas of pharmaceutical industries and opportunist politicians, but it is not reality. People are not addicted: they simply make choices based on cost-benefit, and rewards. They are not sick, and they don't need any cure by the Therapeutic State. Unloading personal responsibility on others seems to be the unfortunate excuse of a spoiled generation, that has chosen to point the finger at anyone or anything to justify its guilt for overindulgence -- and its legitimate desire for pleasure and joy of living. That makes today's society rabidly puritanical. We don't readily recognize this, since our new puritanism is superficially different from the old, having become more open about sex and having removed religious and overtly moral references from the discussion. Instead we have the language of health, language about the body, not the spirit. It's a self-deception.



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