legopants , bluff & Persimmon64 #transphobia


( legopants )
so pathetic. I actually got such bad secondhand embarrassment reading that. "They're trying to kill us :'''(" "I don't wanna die :'(((" get tf over yourself, dude. Your chances of actually being murdered go up MASSIVELY if you were a woman. You're falling to pieces and having a mental breakdown because some fake words that are entirely a lie that you read on a screen scare you? You'll never know how it feels to walk alone at night. Do you really think you could handle being a woman and what we deal with when you're cry typing and terrified over literally NOTHING? I don't think it's the blissful escape you've so deluded yourself to think. what a prick.

ETA: notice how he's fine with women having our rights taken away but not trans people. literally says it flat out. "i dont want my rights being taken away because I'm trans" followed by "being allowed to be a girl and have my rights taken away . I would mind much less"

I don't care how young this dude is he has no sympathy from me. That is such disgusting behavior and comments to make and shows his already porn rotting brain. Humanity is doomed.

( bluff )
Agreed. Cat's out of the bag with porn and I don't believe men will ever change. Sometimes I wish our planet would just get nuked already, the future is bleak when considering his sex class controls the world.

I don't like to hate people but I hate these people so much. We are just a fetish to them, not people who deserve dignity and rights. He even says it'd be better to be killed as a "girl." I hope he drowns.

( Persimmon64 )
"tehrye making it illegal to be ourselves"

They're making it illegal to violate same sex spaces and categories, lie about your sex, and give cosmetic surgeries and harmful drugs to minors.

No one needs drugs and surgery to "be themselves." If anything, they're making it "harder" for you to pass yourself off as something you're not. In other words, they're actually just requiring and encouraging you to "be yourself"



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