John V Rutledge #racist

(This is an e-mail a pastor got after quiting the SBTC on January 25 2021)
In Recent years the Southern Baptist Convention has been repenting (foolishly) of the “sin” of whiteness, and has rebaptized itself as an exemplar of diversity. Verily, it has brought fruits meet for repentance: a Negro Convention president; a Negro candidate for the pastorate of a white church (FBC, Naples, Florida); five million dollars in seminary scholarship for - and only for - Negroes; appointive positions reserved for, and elections rigged to install, Negroes.
But it has not been enough. For the Negro, nothing is ever enough. LBJ’s Great Society and War on Poverty gave the Negro the keys to the U.S. Treasury, the response to which has been ingratitude and “Giveusmo!” Legislation leapfrogged the Negro over Whites, placing Negroes in residences that they could not otherwise afford, and granting them unmerited entry into classrooms and boardrooms.
Yet, they remain savages; they defile and diminish every arena in which they parade: academic, political, corporate, judicial, military, athletic. Seeking another white bastion to badger and beleaguer, they invaded the church. None more deserving of destruction than the Southern Baptist Convention.
Ordnance wasted on a collapsing fort. That cult has been destroying itself for the past fifteen years, proof of which is in declining membership. If Negroes had come to improve rather than to importune, they would have deployed the alleged-to-exist “collective wisdom of black baptist pastors” to pickapart the Baptist Faith and Message, to challenge denominational denial of settled science, to extract the Convention from its unsophisticated doctrines and dogmas of yesteryear. All desperately needed.
But those are beyond the Negoes’ intellectual capacities. Like two-year-olds, they know only how to whine and throw tantrums. The SBC should bid them goodbye and good riddance!



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