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To all who follow my friend Gilad:

Fifteen years ago, when I launched myself into this peace biz, I was absolutely confounded by the refusal of peace groups to confront the Jewish state. Literally years went by, and I was left scratching my head: why couldn't a peace group - formed in response to 9-11 - realize that Israel, the Jewish state, played a strategic part on the world stage ... and act upon that realization.

A small part of my brain knew that the leadership of local peace activities were organzied by a couple of Jewish ladies, but the connection between that knowledge, and the lack of energy dedicated to exposing those who supported a Jewish state, left me perplexed. Then I was introduced to Gilad Atzmon. Falsely confident that I had uncovered a BASIC TRUTH: that it wasn't the OCCUPATION of Palestine, it was ZIONISM at the core of the problem, there was Gilad wagging is head: No, it wasn't ZIONISM, it was JEWISH POWER - of which Zionism was a part - that was at the core.

The scales fell from my eyes. I now understood controlled opposition was totally in Jewish hands, and that protection of the Tribe was DUTY NO. 1. Happy New Year, Gilad. Keep teaching throughout 2018, and there will always be a welcome mat for you in Ann Arbor.



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