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I wonder, who are these awkward boys with their tiny breasts? Why do I now see them every time I go out, usually in low-level jobs they are barely performing? Have they been previously hiding, slowly cultivating their fabricated appearance, but are now emboldened to “come out” en masse? Is it that businesses are desperately trying to hire “queer folk” to meet their social justice quotas, even if these young people are mentally unstable?

Some see the gender cult as a mass delusion. Some see it as cultural indoctrination by powerful people who want to profit from normalizing gender ideology. Some see it as a mental illness. It’s all true, but it doesn’t matter when you are face to face with these lost boys. You can be angry at these boys for putting on “woman face” if you wish. I can understand that response because I am a woman, and these young men pretending to be women are not.

But anger is not what I feel. I feel only deep sadness and sorrow. Because I know who these boys are. They used to be healthy, happy children. They are young people who have been grievously harmed. They are the collateral damage of a culture gone very wrong. They are the boys of friends of mine. They are the boys of parents whose anguished stories I have read on PITT. Even the parents who would never read PITT and who “affirm” are conflicted. They too miss their sons, even as they lie to themselves and the world.

Behind every one of the lost boys, I see a grieving parent.



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