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Females will lead to Extinction and I am not talking about climate change
Cracks of doom

I am scientist that has studied the future of species and human sustainability for years. My conclusion is that we will go extinct if we continue to allow females to take control of our world.

The reason is quite simple: since the dawn of time males have needed to please females to breed. This has become unsustainable as their demands have become increasing technology based. Technologies that burn oil a non-renewable resource: oil. Oil has become the dominant means of providing the energy for all other forms of energy and technology. Consider which energy is ised mining for coal, metals, and other elements like chemicals for fertilisers. Consider the same regarding agricultural production and transport.

Oil though is non renewable. It also has an energy cost to extract. The deeper the oil the more energy used. In 1900 it took 1 barrel of oil costing $1 to extract 100 barrels. 100:1 is an excellent ratio. Now having exhausted the oil fields we get a ratio of 7:1. It is predicted by 2046 this will be 1:1 making it from then on unprofitable to extract. By then there will also be a massive fall in quality of the oil. This means that oil will cease to be viable.

People believe by then we will have found substitutes for oil. Unfortunately so far not one has proved to be portable, safe, cheap to access/produce, packed with energy per weight or volume, as bunker fuel, diesel or petrol conventionally extracted and produced. Static energy requires can be met by renewable energy and nuclear power for a time but eventually these will be unable to replicated or repaired as oil is the very basis of making such technology viable either via the very materials required to manufacture/build or repair them or simply to get the workers to their sites eg wind farms at sea.

Food sources will be quickly impacted as food is transported by plane, ship and articulated lorries all of which rely on cheap fuel to be profitable. In some instances this may lead to revolutions and wars.

The demands of post-war (ww2) females will cease to be practical. They will no longer be able to titillate their desires with decorative jewelry or lipsticks since the markets will be running on an emergency basis. As hyperinflation takes hold money will devalue. Women will be forced to resort to their baser occupations since it will be better to become a whore than starve to death. Cars will be a thing of the past as even static energy systems are unable to be repaired as materials formerly easy to obtain even if formerly expensive cease to economic in the face of transport costs and demand. Society and civilization will simply disintegrate.

Women will find that males are required for protection and hunting. (In some cases scavenging on dead bodies will be required). Children will be a huge burden to survival.

All of this must happen because humans live under a female misapprehension due to a lack of scientists amongst them that men will solve these problems. They thus vote in people who have not a single clue that oil which raise a global population from a few billion to 7 billion and perhaps by 2050 25 billion is unsustainable. Most women don't know how a car works. They don't know that 80% of the fuel it burns is lost in heat and friction. This ignorance has contaminated the male world because males are now subservient to females. Consider Donald J Trump. He lives to enjoy women and the sex they provide. All else is just a means to gain more females. His entire life has been enslaved by the desire to breed. This desire whilst being natural has diverted men from seeing the future threat that the loss of oil creates.



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