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I dont care about any moids, including black moids. A rant

Over the past several months all I've been told is that, as a white women, I should feel sorry for black men and acknowledge their issues. I should acknowledge my "privilege" over them as a white woman and do my part to cater to them in society.

No thanks. Black men have ruined their communities. They have tortured, raped, sexually enslaved, and stolen from their sisters for money. No group of women is more shit on by their own men, than black women are by black men. I do care about black women as I care about all women, but I think their situation culturally is a result of the abuses done to them by black men, who used "muh whitey" as an excuse to shit on black women as the class below them, the way they always have, even before slavery. I don't give a fuck about black men's problems. I don't give a fuck about any men's problems.

I am not more privileged than someone who has the physical and social power to murder me, turn me out on the street, abuse me on film for money, get me pregnant, or rape me. This happens to impoverished white women every year, by black men. Race is a bullshit social construct. It has no basis in biological determinism. The only reality is sex and the weakness women live in psychologically and physically because of our ability to have children and because of our lack of strength. If white women and black men were trapped on an island, white women would be absolutely fucked.



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