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One thing in particular that I find remarkably hypocritical about the illiberal elite is their defence of the alien religion and culture of islam which they have had a hand in transplanting from the deserts of the east into our sacred European lands, no doubt in order to create instability and the destruction of western society and the white race. This instability they first brought about in the homelands of islam through phoney wars against terror after the extremist islamist armed groups that they helped to set up and fund began to turn against the hand that fed them. No doubt this reaction too was foreseen and planned by these very same illiberal elities.

The white traitors who govern our European and western lands through their destructive wars against islamic countries and their butchering of many innocent men, women and children have created a chaotic situation where many people are fleeing for their lives but no doubt accompanied by an even larger number of spongers and opportunists who are breaking into our continent solely for the purpose of free money, clothing, food and accommodation. This is crystal clear except for the most blinkered liberal observer. These very same spongers (and genuine refugees) will be granted free housing by local authorities whilst many of our own native English people are either homeless or have to live for months on end in hostels or boarding houses despite this being THEIR country! These young fit men if they are genuinely from a war torn country should have the balls to take up arms and defend their homelands like real men not flee like sissies and cowards to Europe.


A backlash is coming. The Wid-Ar avataric force is arising in Europa and will become unstoppable. The very presence, indeed the very ubiquitous presence of the Wolfsangel rune as a symbol of not only English but Germanic and pan-European resistance is an indication of the arising of this force and should come as a warning signal (and symbol) to the corrupt elite that govern and exploit the European peoples that their time is over. The Old World Order is finished: the time of the Aryan God-Man has come! The irony is that the worse the situation gets with our lands being flooded by eastern invaders the stronger the Wid-Ar God force becomes! Therefore as Woden-born initiates we must not fear the times in which we live but come to the dawning realisation that we were born into a place and a time that we have chosen as Einheriar in the halls of Walhalla prior to our physical rebirths.



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