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Two guys can't be close friends without it being a ship???

A boy and girl can't be close friends without being a ship???
What does that have to do with it??? Why would you ship two guys just because they're close friends?
Did you even read what I said earlier? It was a rhetorical question. Holy crap.

Fuck it, let me answer since you're being persistently annoying about such an insignificant question: The reason why they're shipped in the first place is BECAUSE they are close, have good chemistry, and/or look good together. This sub(and you) in particular just can't fathom/accept these types of ships simply because it's gay. I think that's pretty fucking simple.

That's what I meant about "a boy and girl can't have a close relationship without being shipped". You can try to justify it as much as you want but your original reply(and following ones) makes it pretty clear you just don't like/can't accept/can't comprehend boy x boy ships.

I refuse to accept it because its a perversion of two straight friends. Why would you take that and make them gay? You have no respect for their friendship. Its quite normal, on the other hand, for a close friendship in both media and irl between a guy and a girl to result in a romantic relationship between them. I don't like gay ships because those who advocate for them take two perfectly fine friends and pervert it into exactly that, a gay ship. I would question someone taking a gay character and using them in a straight ship. It's a perversion of their character for your own satisfsction.



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