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A clone can be run by artificial software. Which means an artificial soul like creation typically called an Artificial Soul. (This knowledge came from another race, there are mixed views as to which race).
This is not a true soul but it can function as one for this purpose.
Humans are definitely not ready for this form of technology.
These artificial souls can be implanted into a clone and then captured once dislodged from the clone body. They can erase and reuse these as they desire.
To explain their mind on this: I have heard them claim that artificial souls in clones have no free will and therefore invite no karmic response. For this reason clones have almost completely replaced what was referred to as a Mind Controlled Slave. (a term i feel has become invalid these days, but that’s another topic) Several other positions within programs have been replaced with clones, and some whole groups have become obsolete due to the growth of this technology. They believe – right or wrong – if they can replace their use of living souls with their artificial souls, they will clear karma.
Theartificial soul is just a name. A series of words which give a false impression for it is not a soul at all – in my opinion it’s More like a hard drive or iCloud that carries, installs and operates a software meant to behave like a soul at the most primitive level. No spirit.Artificial light.



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