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Bit strange isn’t it???

A RABBI advocating for murdering babies???

I know it’s a contentious issue but his pro abortion issue is also racially and religiously motivated.

He’s an anti White, anti Christian, pro abortion rabbi.


Killing babies is murder plain and simple. Since when is letting each state make their own rules going back to the dark ages? Wow. That rabbi is a bitter person with a hatred of Christians. He forgets what the Torah says also

Well if his argument means anything -thank God that some Christians read the Word of God ,believe it is inspired by God and stand by it or the World would be more doomed than it already is.
God won't look on at this evil for much longer before judging the nations.
Abortion is murder and if you can murder babies or even condone it then there is not much hope left for you-
Only the mercy and grace of your creator which you will only recieve when you repent of your evil and start walking in God's ways.
Thank God that Tommy Robinson stands for Truth and the unborn even while the mainstream Church is failing us.



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