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[JFL] Never ask normies to rate women, they CAN'T rate properly and objectively.

A concerning amount of bluepilled men believe that in most if not all relationships the woman is more attractive. Their delusions are simple explained.

First of all, men overrate the fuck out of women. An average becky is a 7 to most men. An obese roastie is a queen. There are literal 4/10 foids earning a living on onlyfans. Users here made catfishes with obese women and got hundreds of matches. A woman would need to be a 2/10 to be moderately ugly to most men. Secondly, foids wear fakeup when they go out which gives an illusion of the foid looking better than her bf. The illusion is so strong because fakeup can raise their looks by as much as 4-5 points.


You see a women on the right side of these photos dating a normie? "See you silly inkwell, women date men uglier than them"
Now remove the fakeup and suddenly she's the uglier one, the true her.

Also a reminder of just how subhuman even good looking males are to bluepillers. Normies CAN'T properly rate couples at all.




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