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[It's Over] Incel Trait: too depressed to wipe his ass after taking a shit (and reading these articles)

Is ass-wiping a major cope?
Yes Votes: 37 35.6%
No Votes: 67 64.4%

Just look at these articles:
1. “How do I tell my boyfriend he needs to wipe more?”
2. Real chads don't wipe their butt-holes.
3. It's so common that now feminists are labelling it as "septic masculinity"
4. They want us to make our butt-holes wiped.

Remember, the comments are from women complaining about their bfs/husbands.

After reading those articles, I am feeling very depressed.

I came to the realization that "ass wiping is a major cope".

A 9/10 blonde chad who never wipes his ass after taking shit with a turd riddled butt-hole surrounded by buzzing flies won't have any problem getting laid. Where a 5'2" 2/10 butt-ugly curry who thoroughly washes his butt-hole on the squirting hot-spring of the old faithful geyser at Yellowstone national park 10 times a day will never be able to get any shit.

JFL @ ass-wipercels.

Never began.



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