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You think it's ok to permanently sterilise children. You support child abuse.

Loads of medical treatment has sterilisation as a side effect. I don't oppose any internationally recommended medical treatments because I'm not a science denier. Denying people medical treatment is abuse, not giving them it 🤡

You support children being sterilised. You support child abuse.

Cool yeah just pretend I didn't reply at all and repeat the same nonsense, good one

Your reply doesn't change the fact that you support children being sterilised.

Are you opposed to chemotherapy?

You mean the treatment that actually saves lives rather than the abuse of children you support for nothing but reasons of vanity? Yes, I do. The fact you even compare the two shows how fucked your mind is.

So you support children being sterilised

Children who have chemo might have a chance of sterilisation to save their life. You support children being sterilised because they're mentally ill. Your brain is genuinely fucked if you think the two things are the same.

Being trans isn't a mental illness, you could have googled that

I support all internationally recommended healthcare because I'm not a science denier

Why are you saying that children who want to destroy their bodies are not mentally ill?



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