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I would now like to turn my attention to the troubling issue of short hair amongst Germanic women. One often notices that women in their 40s and 50s start to cut their hair short, losing whatever femininity they have left to the extent that they begin to resemble men. No doubt this is all connected with the insiduous pressures exerted by the femininist movement who would seek an entire reversal of roles with men taking on the domestic role whilst they outmen the men in their relentless climb up their slippery corporate ladders to seek the psychological validation that they are told by the media that they need and lack.

Young women often can get away with short hair if they are attractive but when they begin to age they too will appear more masculine in appearance. Long hair enables a woman to maintain her femininity into old age. The typical styles that a modern Germanic woman can adopt may be found in images of women and girls from the Third Reich who were encouraged to adopt traditional styles.

Let us not forget that the ancients believed that hair contained certain magical and sacral properties.


I believe that long hair enhances our 5 known senses and also it acts as antennae for receiving spiritual and psychic impulses.



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