Anonymous #fundie #sexist


The Stressed Contraceptor
Self-care is 10 hours of video games, still anxious after
constantly “working on” herself, getting more depressed every day
ramen and takeout
defined by selfishness
thinks dogs are just as good as kids
kills houseplants with negligence
forces “partner” into virtual celibacy
addicted to dopamine spikes
“””good vibes”””
low self-esteem despite 4 hours of makeup

The Blessed Baby Acceptor
gives self entirely to others, couldn’t be happier
self-care is mass by herself, hour of Adoration
cooks from scratch
children gravitate to her
martyrdom of motherhood
sex drive not suppressed by artificial hormones
keeps multiple tiny humans alive
body is for the glory of God, absolutely radiant
overloaded with serotonin
authentic vocational joy



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